Music education enriches kids’ lives.

Learning to play an instrument not only introduces children to an art form they can enjoy for the rest of their lives, it also teaches them how to learn more effectively. It requires them to work toward a long-term goal, handle setbacks, learn from their mistakes, and ultimately find success through hard work. 

Music Pebble helps make music education accessible to children in Northeast Ohio. We provide musical instruments to families who cannot afford them, and offer free supplemental lessons to elementary, middle, and high school students who are eager to learn musically, participate in music programs, and experience the joy of music.

Through several programs, Music Pebble changes lives, one note at a time.

Instrument Gifts

We pair instruments with children who want to participate in school- or community-based music programs, and whose families are in financial need. Once we give a student an instrument, we provide support and encouragement throughout their school career.

Music Education

We offer group lessons to help kids advance along their musical journey.


We support school- and community-based music programs in Northeast Ohio.