Music Pebble’s founder and executive director, Warren Owens, is a U.S. Navy veteran who served for 10 years on submarines and in the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program. Warren went on to a 22-year career in information technology before deciding he wanted to work with young people.

Warren was inspired to launch Music Pebble in 2018 after watching his children and their classmates blossom as they learned to make music.

From his kids’ very first concert, Warren realized that each note of music has the power to touch everyone who hears it–just like the pebble tossed in a pond that sends ripples ever outward.

While many schools have music programs, not every child’s family can afford the instruments, or the supplemental lessons that may be needed to help a child thrive as a musician.

Music Pebble aims to make music education accessible to all. With an instrument in their kids’ hands, every family may be touched by the ripples their children create with music